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Encouragement for those fighting cancer, drug/alcohol addiction, heart disease, or any kind of physical or emotional battle.

Our Latest project

Giving to Children


We have started a new project in our efforts to give back.  Recently we donated 12 baskets to children who are currently fighting cancer or other diseases to Monroe Carell Jr Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Our Upcoming Projects


We will continue to donate baskets to children during the upcoming months but especially during the month of September.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  We will be donating baskets to women fighting breast cancer. 

How can you help?


Check out our promotion items that are on sale now!  Each special promotion item sold will  provide 4 baskets to be given to children during the month of September.  You will not want to miss these items!!  Click the "Special Promotions" tab in the online store to see the autographed gloves for sale.  

Welcome to My Knockout!


Our Company offers Pink and Red boxing gloves and t-shirts to those fighting cancer, drug or alcohol addiction, depression, heart disease, or any kind of physical or emotional battle.  The package includes a pair of full size boxing gloves, permanent marker to write encouraging messages on the gloves, an encouragement card, backpack, gift bag & tissue paper.   A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society for research or other organizations.

Please help us to spread the word! 


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See what they are saying!


I love these boxing gloves!  Ioanna

Received them and they are wonderful!  You are doing wonderful things!  God bless you, keep up the work to assure all cancer victims understand they don't go through it alone.  Mark

They are adorable!  Cutest bag ever!  I will definitely be ordering from you again.  Thank you.  It is nice to know that there are awesome people like you out there fighting the good fight.  Heather

Shipped very fast and everything was perfect!!  Ann

Thank you for getting these to me so quickly. I love them. Better than imagined. I am sure the mother that I am giving them to will be so glad she has them. Her first chemo is Saturday. Thank you again!  Barbara

I think this is the most wonderful idea.  Thank you for this!  Brenda

The gloves were a hit!!  She loved them!  They are a cute & funny way to keep fighting.  She said there are days that I don't have the energy to breathe.  I cannot imagine.  Thank you for what you are doing.  Renee

Gifted to my cousin

Just heard that my cousin received her pink boxing gloves today.  She says "they are the cutest things ever, made me grin!"  Our time was excellent because she will be going back into the hospital this afternoon and taking her boxing gloves with her.  Thank you so much!  The gloves are exactly what she needed and your service was outstanding!  I highly recommend anti-cancer boxing gloves and your company!  Philenese

Your gloves are an inspiration to me and so many others.  I sometimes have down days but I look at these gloves and read the well wishes on them and it truly lifts my spirits and gives me the strength to keep fighting.  Attitude is a big part of this fight and with inspirations like you, it makes a good attitude much easier.  God bless you.   Howard

I really believe in the gloves and want others to feel the same joy & pride I did when everyone signed mine.  Christi

My husband looks at the gloves daily and heads out the door to fight!  Thank you for your encouragement.  Felecia

Rest assured with your mother's  mission of encouragement with the boxing gloves has definitely made a statement. I love my gloves and so excited I have found you, so I can be a part of passing this encouragement on to others. Remember we have to FIGHT!  Thanks for everything.  Diane

Absolutely loved this gift! It got here in a timely manner, came with complimentary wrapping (which was SO cute!), and it’s something that will be cherished forever! ❤️ I’d give it 6 stars if I could!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Angel

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Do you want to send a pair of gloves directly to that special person with your message already written on the gloves?  Not a problem!  We can personalize the gloves with your message.  Choose the drop down box and leave your message for us.  Limited up to 30 words.

Exciting News

We are excited to share that the Tennessee Magazine  featured our story in the October 2018 edition.  The Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association publishes this magazine each month.  The story was titled  "A Real Knockout".  Thank you Tennessee Magazine!!!  Check it out!

NewsChannel 5 Nashville also featured our story in October 2018.  Watch the background of MyKnockout.

Our Story

Our Story



Cancer…..a word no one ever wants to hear. My mother, Gerrell Craig, got the news that she had Liposarcoma in early spring 2004. After surgery to remove a tumor the size of a small nerf football, doctors warned us that if it came back, it would come with a vengeance, which it did the following spring. The 230 miles from my home in Murfreesboro, TN. to hers in Stone Mountain, GA suddenly seemed like 2000 miles away.


Doctors went after the cancer aggressively. During a call the morning of her first chemo treatment, I reminded Mom what doctors said about the cancer coming back with a vengeance. I added that she better put on her boxing gloves and get ready to fight! She promised she would. But after that first treatment she wound up in the hospital. 

I left work that Friday to be with her. During the long drive, I thought about what I could give her as a reminder, even when I wasn’t there, to keep fighting, every day, every minute! Then I remembered telling her to put on her boxing gloves. At that moment, I decided to give her a pair of boxing gloves. Family and friends could sign them and add encouraging messages as her daily reminder, "Gloves up, ready to fight". When I walked into her hospital room that day with a pair of boxing gloves, her expression was priceless. She was so weak but her smile said it all. 

That night she was very restless. She said she couldn’t stop thinking about the gloves. She had decided I should sell boxing gloves for others going through a battle and donate part of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society for research on Liposarcoma. As I would catch my mother reading her messages and see how encouraged she was by them, I understood how important it would be for her to know that one day others facing hard battles would have the same encouragement. We began My Knockout just two weeks later. 

My Knockout became an important part of my mother’s life. Having decided to forego chemo treatments to live what time she had with as much quality of life that she could, she focused on our boxing gloves project. The day before I left for that final trip home, the first replica of the gloves arrived, and my mother was so excited to see her project come to life. Through the gloves, she left a legacy that touched and inspired everyone who saw them. 

Our hope at My Knockout is for everyone facing a battle to be encouraged not to give up and keep fighting! Flowers wilt and die, cards get thrown in drawers or tossed away, but My Knockout gloves are a lasting reminder to not give up. Our gloves come in pink or red and include an encouragement card, permanent marker, gift bag and tissue paper. To date we’ve sold close to 1000 pairs through many sources. When I read the stories and see the pictures, I know my mother would be happy that her story of courage and a will to fight is helping others. 

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What's in the box?  A set of pink or red boxing gloves, an encouragement card, permanent marker,  backpack, gift bag and  tissue paper.  

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